Alberto Adria, Tickets and 41°

While I was in Spain I also checked out the Adria brothers' new places in Barcelona: Tickets, a contemporary tapas 'lab', and 41°, a kind of generic cocktail bar. Difficult to assess them at this early stage – Tickets hadn't opened – but there were small crowds already gathered outside by 6pm on a Wednesday evening so, as with anything the Adria brothers touch, I am sure their future success is assured. 

This is one of the wacky window displays at Tickets – it's an exploration of different global concepts of tapass.


Not sure why industrial storage trays were deemed a cool design theme…


Albert shows me his take on David Chang's Chinese pork buns.


The seafood bar in tickets:


Difficult to get Alberto to stand still.


Next door in 41° I got to try some El Bulli classics, including this ham roll thing, which was as light as air, and really rather wonderful.


The piece is in Condé Nast Traveller next month I think.

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