I always take oceans of photographs when I am in Japan. I can't help it. There is something worth recording every step of the way. Perhaps that's why the Japanese see the world through a lens. They are so used to amazing things to photograph back home.

Anyway, I thought I'd send out a pot pourhi.. phouri..piuhr.. oh, bugger, an assortment of my stranger photos. So, here you go..


A gigantic tapeworm, preserved for posterity at the Naka Meguro Parasite Museum. A wonderful collection dedicated to the worms and weevils that invade the human body. Seemed to me like lots of the visitors were there on a date, which is odd. Beats TGI Friday though, I guess.


The horticultural equivalent of a Brazilian.

One of Japan's famous megamelons, from Yubari. This is quite a cheap one, actually – around £21.

It's a giant changing room made of teddy bears, what did you think it was?

2CV coffee shop.

You stick in your USB port and it shags your computer. Or, you could get a life I suppose…

That old thing? Oh, that's just a dirty great dried whale's penis, what did you think it was?

One of these is powered by batteries. The other by sugar.

Asger karaokes. It's not until a six year old sings the lyrics to Aqua's Barbie Girl that you realise just how rude they are.

The kind of bar that makes you feel like James Bond.

The most miserable tap in the world.

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    Aki M

    Looking at your picture of the melon reminded me how expensive fruit is in Japan. Sometimes at shocking prices.
    Also, I wanted to say your son is kawaii! I am sure he was adored in Japan! I really enjoy your blog, thank you!

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