Der er et Lykkeligt Land

Unusually, a foreign publisher has been quicker off the mark to get one of my books into their shops in translation than my English publisher. Here is it, 'The Almost Nearly Perfect People – the Truth About the Nordic Miracle' (out Feb 6) in its Danish-language incarnation: Der er et Lykkeligt Land ('There is a Happy Land' – a play on the first line of their national song, 'There is a Lovely Land'), published by Lindhardt og Ringhof.

Very proud. Had some really nice coverage in the Danish media – modesty forbids me telling you that it got five stars in national newspaper Berlinske at the weekend, for instance – and it's been fun stirring up the usually chillaxed Danes with mild criticism of their tyrannical obsession with 'hygge' and their various other forms of social extremism. The phone hasn't stopped ringing from current affairs TV shows.

It's been a bit like when I go for a walk with our dog, Luna. Every once in a while she stops, sniffs about a bit and, if it's a really good smell, she will have a good old roll around as a kind of souvenir I suppose, before, just as abruptly getting up and trotting off to the next interesting smell.

This last week, I've been an interesting smell for all the Danish TV and radio channels, and newspapers. They've had a good old roll around in me, and now off they go in search of the next one.


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