Eat, Pray, Eat – One Man’s Accidental Search for Equanimity, Equilibrium and Enlightenment

Here is a sneak peak at the cover of my next book, published by Jonathan Cape in August.

And, yes, that really is the title.


It's a bit of a departure for me in that it's not really a food book, in fact it's not at all a food book (although neither was my first, as both of the people who bought it will testify).

I have never really said this out loud, but what it is is a kind of travel/self help book, but for people like me. And maybe you, who knows.

More details in a bit.

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    Hello Micheal,
    I have read your book “Sushi and Beyond” with great interest and I am happy to tell you that there is “real” Japanese Wasabi in Europe! The plant is grown in France by Michel Troisgros and should be found on the menu of his restaurant in Roanne.
    I hope you will find this information worth of interest.
    Best regards.
    Nicolas Cougot

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