New Two-Book Deal!!!!!!!!!!!

While I try to figure out this blogging lark, I may as well plead ignorant to blog protocol/any common sense of modesty and big myself up some more.


(Me being absolutely hilarious with some wasabi. How those wasabi farmers laughed.)

Though, usually, I don’t tend to know what I am doing from one week to the next, I am ecstatic to announce that I have just agreed a new, two-book deal with my incredibly supportive publisher, Jonathan Cape/Random House which will pretty much account for a good chunk of the next two years. 

So thanks again for your continued support and enthusiasm to my agent, Camilla Hornby, editor Ellah Allfrey and publisher Dan Franklin.

One of the books will be kind of food-themed, the other has nothing whatsoever to do with food. They will mean I will be spending quite a lot of time in India, and travelling around Scandinavia during the next two years, which is completely thrilling.

That’s it for Me News, unless you want to listen to me being interviewed on Talk Radio Spain on Tuesday. No idea how they found out about me or why they want to talk to me, but frankly I’ll talk about myself to inanimate objects if they show a glimmer of an interest, and often even when they don't.

I hereby promise future posts will be more practical/interesting/less me-orientated. 

I’ve got one lined up on the most extraordinary and flavoursome ingredient in the world (clue: it looks like a fossilised banana, but isn’t – see below), and something really fantastic to do with chocolate.


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