Sushi and Beyond – in all good bookshops (and some bad ones, I’m not proud)

Another frabjus day, caloo calay! Today sees the formal publication of my new book, 'Sushi and Beyond, What the Japanese Know About Cooking'. Doubtless  you will have arranged your own street party, but in case you haven't you could always celebrate by, oh, I don't know, perhaps buying a dozen or so.


(People often ask me, what was the most delicious thing I tasted in our time in Japan – well, here it is. A relatively humble dashi-based soup, made with three different types of dried fish, and with crispy, deep-fried gyoza flaoting in it, which I tasted on an amazing food crawl in Osaka with two Japanese friends. Oh man, it tasted good – ultra-umami).

It is the perfect gift for anyone from reading age upwards (and let's not discount the illiterate – just because they can't read, doesn't mean we should deny them the pleasure of looking at the cover and my lovely jacket photo).

Very pleased, proud and nervous, as always, but Japanese food is a subject I feel deeply evangelical about so, mostly just excited.

Timesonline have asked me to write a ten best Japanese foods piece for them and I am finding it really difficult to narrow the amazing panoply of Japanese cuisine down to just ten dishes, but if I can explain a little to their 21m readers about just how varied, beautiful, delicious and healthy most Japanese food is, then it will be worth it. And if just one per cent of them buy it then… does anyone have a number for Learjet?

More coverage is promised in the Sunday Times travel section and Independent on Sunday magazine on June 7, Esquire magazine in the June and August issues, Condé Nast Traveller, some time in the autumn and a few others to boot.

BBC World have been in touch and want to interview me, as has the food show Market Kitchen, which is great.

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