Sushi and Beyond: Japanese translation.

I was thrilled to hear this week that my latest book, Sushi and Beyond, is to be translated into Japanese by Tokyo-based publisher, Aki Shobo.


It is slightly nerve wracking to think that a wider Japanese public is going to get a chance to assess the accuracy of some of my research, but I hope they are pleased by my descriptions about their homeland.

More importantly, publication – which will probably be later next year – ought to give me an excuse to visit Japan again…


(If you are wondering why this nigiri and maki looks kinda squiffy – that's because I made it).



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    Dave Reeder

    Just finished the book, which I enjoyed greatly. Made me more determined than ever to go and experience real Japanese food in its proper surroundings. And you’re bang on about fugu – apart from the frisson surrounding it, it’s not an exciting plateful at all. Had it here in Dubai some years ago prepared by a chef specially imported from Japan for a fugu week – I wrote a will just in case, but was bored by the food!

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    Aki M

    Just wanted to say Iam really enjoying Sushi&Beyond.I was born in Japan and I have lived there too, so am always interested in other’s take on Japan.I am nodding and smiling with nostalgia as I read your book.In a few days I’ll be finished (dont want it to!)but it won’t sit back on the bookshelf as it is so informative, I am learning so much about Japanese food,it will be left on the coffee table to dip back into regularly. Arigatou gozaimasu!

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