Time Out – Five stars

Sorry, that was a really, really boring last post. No excuse: I liked the pictures but utterly failed to say anything worthwhile about them. Hey ho, onward and upward.

Here's some more inexcusable self-indulgence (well, it is my blog): I have just been sent a copy of the loveliest review from Time Out this week. 'Eat, Pray, Eat' gets five stars (out of five):

'The book is consistently funny thanks to Booth's default mode, which is curmudgeonly and self-immolating… Happily, his tone changes as yoga and meditation bear fruit. Booth's inadvertent journey to enlightenment is charming, and persuasively recounted, even if his trademark petulance never quite evaporates. Deliciously comic, compelling and ultimately inspiring.'

Quite made my day.


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