Top 50 Food Writers – UK Press Gazette

A kind soul at the Guild of Food Writers just emailed to say that, apparently, I have been named as one of the top 50 food writers* by the UK Press Gazette. Which was quite a shock, not least because I don't really think of myself as a food writer.

Jay Rayner of the Observer tops the list, and all the usual suspects are elsewhere – Jamie Oliver, Hugh F-W, Nigel Slater, AA Gill and so on. 

I hardly think I am worth a higher ranking than the great Simon Hopkinson or the even greater – in my eyes – Jeffrey Steingarten, and suspect an administrative error, but you've got to take your plaudits where you can find them, and this has definitely made my weekend.

I have to admit having bad-mouthed the UK Press Gazette to anyone who would listen (and many who didn't want to) for many years since they nominated me as motoring writer of the year many years ago, but then went and gave the prize to Jeremy Clarkson. But I take it all back. Their judgement is faultless. 

*And not at 50, in case you were wondering. Number 39, if you please.

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