What the critics say…

‘Sushi and Beyond – What the Japanese Know About Food’ (Jonathan Cape)

‘Booth is one of the sharpest food writers around, and this is essential fare for foodies’, The Mail on Sunday.

‘This book is a must for all lovers of Japanese cuisine. Where else can an English-speaking foodie learn about tako yaki octopus doughnuts, floral-flavoured Okinawan sweet potato ice cream (part of the reason why Okinawans live longer than anyone else on the planet) and how to make a chanko nabe hot-pot good enough to please a sumo wrestler?’ Rory Maclean, the Guardian.

‘Hugely enjoyable… Booth brings extra ingredients: an accomplished cook’s know-how; a cultural observer’s objectivity; and a gift for embarrassing himself.’ Time Out.

‘An intrepid and assiduous writer,’ The Independent.

‘He wins you over with his sheer enthusiasm, wide reading and research and he’s able to render difficult food processes into digestible bites.’ Irish Times.

‘A real rollicking read… witty, engaging, and ultimately enlightening… a tremendously knowledgeable journalist. By the epilogue you’ll be smarter, happier and – if  you follow Booth’s advice – maybe even slimmer.’ Foodtripper.

‘Doing Without Delia – Tales of Triumph and Disaster in a French Kitchen’ (Vintage)

‘The most enjoyable book about food I’ve read since Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential.’ – Mail on Sunday.

‘Lively…designed to appeal to those who enjoy amused, ambivalent depictions of the French (from Peter Mayle’s A Year in Provence to the Petite Anglaise blog) and to the foodies who relished Bill Buford’s Heat.’ The Guardian.

‘Engaging, insightful, informative and even touching. But mostly just funny…cooking tips galore.’ – The Independent on Sunday.

‘An entertaining romp through Paris Kitchen life.’ Daily Telegraph.

‘…as richly enjoyable as a fine coq au vin…Booth imparts a wealth of simple, worthwhile tips.’ The Independent.

‘As sharp as a Michelin chef’s collection of knives…A flavoursome offering.’ Time Out.

‘Face-paced, laugh-a-page… [with] more tips than a library of Gordon Ramsay books.’ Metro.

‘Just As well I’m Leaving – To the Orient With Hans Christian Andersen.’ (Cape/Vintage)

‘A clever book…manages to function as both coherent biography and literary criticism…an astute, erudite book.’ The Guardian.

‘Booth’s control of his material shines through…engaging…highly recommended.’ Times Literary Supplement (And that’s probably the last time I get reviewed by them).

‘Booth is a pithy raconteur and has written a highly entertaining book.’ Time Out Book of the Week.

‘Hilarious and deliciously cruel about Denmark…A surprising, passionate enquiry into this most enigmatic of men…should not be missed.’ Scotsman.

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