Chocolate sushi

Just a quick postscript to my post in the Guardian's Word of Mouth blog which was about what might replace sushi in light of declining fish stocks.

Could this be the answer perhaps?


It's chocolate sushi, complete with dipping sauce. I found it in Copenhagen when I was last there. It's made by Summerbird Chokolade, one of the best industrial chocolate producers in the country.

It's a pretty neat gimmick, don't you think? They come in Green Pepper, Ginger, Mandarin and 'Zen' flavours (the latter has a not especially oriental balsamic dipping sauce, contained in the test tube, and really quite horrid actually), and as with everything in Denmark cost around a gadzillion pounds each.


Incidentally, it was really interesting to be on the end of the comments in a national newspaper for the second time in a month. Despite the fairly innocuous nature of the post there was quite a tsunami of them. I wasn't in my office yesterday to respond to some of the more retarded comments, so it was good to see that they were pretty much taken care of by the smarter readers anyway. Kind of like Lord of the Flies, but not.

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