Mail on Sunday review of Eat, Pray, Eat

I've just been sent a lovely, effusive review of my new book, Eat, Pray, Eat, which apparently appeared in the Mail on Sunday this weekend by critic Simon Griffith – called me 'hilarious' and 'thought provoking', which is something I plan to bring up the next time my children respond with stony faced moans to my jokes.

Thanks Uncle Simon!*

Also, apparently Metro called it 'eminently readable'. Not sure what that means. That it uses words?

It's not online for some reason, but I will try to figure a way to get the PDF up so that my mum and other fans can read it (well, really just my mum actually).

And if you are already getting anxious that you are missing the wonderful reviews for my book which are avalanching in, do not fret, I plan not only to keep you up-to-date with any more which come in, but also to repeat the good bits for the rest of my life as a blogger. 

(*That's a joke. He's a distant cousin.)

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