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Amritsar's Golden Temple was virtually obscured by the fog which bedevilled our trip for the first week, but it added a certain mystical charm.

 We helped out in the world's largest kitchen, which feeds 20-40,000 pilgrims a day.


Not sure what it was about the man with the 400 metre-long turban, but it got Emil thinking…

Street food, Amritsar-style. Somewhere in here are some delicious sweet potatoes.

We also chanced upon this amazing tomb-type thing. Odd that it's not better known…

I do have to keep reminding myself this is supposed to be a food blog, so here is some hard-core food fetish business: these are traditional Rajasthani desert ingredients, foraged from the wild:


A scene from the Kipling-esque Ranthambore game park, formerly the Maharaja of Jaipur's hunting ground, which may explain why tigers were thin on the ground.
 Elephant action at the fort at Jaipur:

Jaipur street food:


Asger gets his moment with the cobra. Actually, moments after this was taken, the cobra got seriously hissy and had to have his lid put back on. Asger took it all very calmly, naturally

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