The Perfect Tokyo Food Day

Starts with a bowl of noodles and aubergine tempura in a local soba shop for breakfast.

 Followed by some window licking in Kappabashi, the astounding kitchenware district famous for its plastic food models – which this shop has taken to a whole new level.


How have I coped without my own squid-flattener all these years?


Sadly, the dog cafe was closed…
 … the day continues on to the festival food at the Sensoji temple in Asakusa.


Ice cream tempura: solid gold genius.

 Although deep-fried, spiral-cut potatoes run it a close second. Spot the theme?


I think it's rather late to be worrying about putting them in a water tank now:


This is just a fragment of the hour long queue for one of Tokyo's hottest ramen joints, Rokurinsha Ramen.

Safe to say, it was a heavyweight, but all for less than six pounds.


Although, no matter how large the noodle bowl, there's always space for a piece or five of mochi ice cream. Perhaps my favourite food stuff in all the world.

 More window shopping, this time for tuna in Ginza.


What? You think seventy three pounds is too much for a melon? Is your mother not worth it, or what? And don't forget, you get flowers too.


Perhaps she'd like some 'street' strawberries instead.

One thing is certain, she would not approve of this boy's t-shirt. You'll have to take my word for it – and he can't have been older than 6 – it reads 'Los Angeles Mother Fucker'. Stay classy, Tokyo.


And now I am off for dinner at the newest entry on the San Pellegrino and Restaurant magazine's top 50 restaurants in the world list: Ryugin. Fascinating to see whether it deserves it 48th ranking, or might it actually be worth 47th? Whatever, I am sure the judges have all eaten there and at the other 49 places listed. This year.

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