Guild of Food Writers nomination

I am deeply chuffed to hear that Sushi and Beyond has been nominated for a deeply prestigious Guild of Food Writers award.


(Get 'em while their hot, they're lovely!)

It is up for the Kate Whiteman award for work concerning food and travel, against The Hungry Cyclist by Tom Kevill Davies, which I haven't read but will do so immediately, and, oddly, an episode of BBC Radio 4's Food Programme about Iceland produced by my friend Dan Saladino.

The gentlemanly thing would be to say something like, 'It's enough just to be nominated, may the best man win, I'm just looking forward to a nice evening.'

So let's pretend that's what I said.


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    Magdalena Kasprzyk

    Hello Michael!
    Two days ago I started to read your “Sacre Cordon Bleu”.
    Although I bought your book more than a year ago in the American bookstore “the Village Voice”, I did not have any occasion to read it before.
    Well, I am only at the beginning (Chapter 4, actually, before leaving for school), and I absolutely share your opinions about cookbooks, Paris and its food markets. I love your language. It is so informative, intelligent and funny. That’s why I decided to check whether you have a blog.
    My dream is to attend Le Cordon Bleu, but I cannot afford it for the moment. I hope one day. Or maybe, when I finish reading your book, my conclusion will be completely different?
    Congratulations, and I will check tomorrow where I can buy “The sushi beyond”.

  2. 3

    Hi Michael,
    Umami-man officially approved and noted his appetite and sensitivity on taste by world renowned authority which made me smile…
    Well, now I know you did even go to Ryugin. Your stomach never gives up any expedition for Umami.
    I look forward to eating with you and your family again since I found feverous sushi shop near my house. Cheers and Congratulations,

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